When Your Child Has Lyme Disease: A Parent's Survival Guide



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               Awards & Reviews

2016 Eric Hoffer Book Award

Honorable Mention, Health category


2016 Northern California Publishers & Authors

First Place, Adult Non-Fiction


"I wish I’d had this smart, fearless, insightful handbook on my own journey through the Lyme thicket. From negotiating with schools to handling doctors and relatives to tending a sick child’s physical and psychic pain, Sandra K. Berenbaum and Dorothy Kupcha Leland have covered it all.... The best advice ever – your copy of this book will end up dog-eared with highlights and margin notes, and you’ll carry it everywhere."

Pamela Weintraub

Author, Cure Unknown: Inside the Lyme Epidemic


"An invaluable resource....This remarkable book is both a practical guide and emotional touchstone....If you have a child with Lyme, no matter where you and your family are on this journey, this guide can help." John McCormick, The Huffington Post 


"The book opens with the authors' experiences with Lyme disease: a mother seeking a diagnosis and a therapist stricken with Bell's Palsy, a well-known Lyme calling card. The chapters continue to blend the authors' different perspectives, weaving a narrative applicable to anyone touched by the disease. While personal, the book contains myriad facts and a top-down view of the disease and its current impact in the US. Because of professional dogmatism, poor detection, and even financial interests, Lyme disease remains an ailment confined to the shadows, making sufferers (especially parents) reliant on social support as much as medical protocol. In this way, the title complements the growing online communities of afflicted and affected people. Sections tackle everything from diet and exercise to mitigating the disease's impact on a child's social well-being. It effectively straddles the de facto faith in mainstream medicine and the often more personal and intuitive insights of alternative medicine." US Review of Books


"This is the only book of its kind and is a very comprehensive and accurate resource for parents who have children with Lyme and associated tick-borne diseases. These infections in children need much greater attention and parents need a broad base of information in order to make informed decisions. I thank the authors for making such a contribution!"
Robert Bransfield MD, DLFAPA

Past president of the International Lyme & Associated Diseases Society


"As a Lyme-literate naturopathic doctor I have seen parents struggle with how to best help their child with Lyme.  It is difficult to know how to make the right decisions, how to stay on the same page as their spouse, how to cope with the emotional stress of it all, and how to communicate with teachers, caregivers and other family members about the child's illness, their treatment, and their needs. This book is an invaluable resource to help guide and support anyone in contact with a child affected by this illness ... essential reading for any family dealing with Lyme disease."

Nicola McFadzean, ND

Author, The Lyme Diet and The Beginner's Guide to Lyme Disease


“I have been fortunate enough to work with Dorothy Leland at and with Sandy Berenbaum over the years. I have often been asked by parents of children with Lyme disease for advice and been astonished at the lack of good solid information to refer them to. This book fills that void---offering straight forward advice on how to navigate through the difficult terrain of caring for a child, finding appropriate medical care, and essential educational support. Both authors have been in the trenches on these issues and share their perspectives on what works and what doesn't. Parents of children with Lyme disease could not find better guides for the journey than Dorothy and Sandy. Highly recommended!

Lorraine Johnson, JD,MBA

CEO of


"This is the only book out there that describes in-depth the challenges of having a child, or children, with Lyme disease. It highlights the psycho-social, emotional, relational, political and financial issues that go along with having a child with Lyme, as well as what it's like to be a child with Lyme. The authors also paint a solid, informative picture about what Lyme disease is, as well as the difficulties with diagnosing and treating it. Perhaps even more importantly, they share about the lack of education, societal awareness and practical help available to families with Lyme, and provide real solutions that caregivers can apply to navigate these challenges."
Connie Strasheim

Author, Insights into Lyme Disease Treatment and Beyond Lyme Disease


"Dorothy's first-hand account of helping her daughter mirrors the journey that so many Lyme-parents navigate. Sandy, after many years counseling families stricken with Lyme disease, provides a wealth of useful information regarding boundaries, medical decision making and school success. A terrific gift for your child's psychiatrist, therapist, school counselor or any family member who truly wants to understand what your family is going through and how best to help." The Lyme Connection, Ridgefield, CT 



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